Shakespeare Productions

A fan of Shakespeare and live theater in general. Well, all right, I’m a fan of the movies as well.

William Shakespeare once said, “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below. Words without thoughts never to heaven go.”

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A Journey Begins

For my first short bit, I am told to share my words. My journey all started with a friend many years ago, who said, “You should write a book”. It took a long while-a decade to be exact- to get going. I began FICTION writing in 2015.

As a writer, one might say, you need to be clever. Perhaps it’s true, but if you’re not then what? So, I’m here to say, I love to write hour after hour and appreciate my editors.

My first book is almost complete. It took over a year of classes, critiques and wrestling with my computer to get all down. Now it’s being edited while I struggle with my web platform, novel formatting, and book cover design.

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