Circa 1973 (age thirteen) © Elsa Wolf


All alone, standing in the meadow, in the wind, thinking of times past and times to come. As she stood there, she started to think of the surrounding nature. It seemed so free, not having to wonder about anything. But this was not true.

Totally lost, impervious to pain, until now. She really didn’t know what the cause was…but the pain was all coming together. Tears began to fill her eyes as she thought of all the things she was up against. She began to think of the summer gone by. Then, she had been in a daze, lost in time, with everything marching on. Moving along with it, while standing still.

Everything was jumbled. Her family had gone crazy and didn’t get along the way they used to. Her school life all in a rumble, academically and socially. Life, a train wreck.

She was the kind of person who helped others as much as possible, but in her lost self it was impossible. Now she was finally coming back to reality. The only thing was, where was she to turn? And then, she wrote…

My Dear Old Friends

The people of my past, I remember them as a beautiful dream gone by.

Yet, despite the absence of my old friends, they mean everything.

They are my true and forever friends.

Friends of the past, friends of the present, friends of the future… I want them all.

Each one means the world to me, but many have gone to heaven…

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