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It’s wonderful to be a part of writers’ groups. Check out what happened with my novel. I’m glad to report I have been a guest speaker at several book clubs this year. Member News: Author Event — Buried Truths

A Night at Blob’s Park © Elsa Wolf

Having nothing better to do, Betsie tagged along with her parents to a cocktail party. There she met a man with a German accent. She’d never seen him at any of the functions in her parent’s circle of friends nor from any embassy function she’d been obliged to attend. His name was Claus. Not a…

Camper Time

The thirty-foot camper creaked, swayed and groaned in the wind as it headed over the mountains of Utah toward Wyoming on the curving S-shaped roads. One side; a cliff drop-off to doom, the other up ragged cliffs. Slowly, we moved forward. I was not driving, and my eyes often squeezed shut. My heart pounded. I…

My Boy, My Buddy

My boy woke in the middle of the night. He rolled off his 3-inch-thick bed on the floor by mine. There he sprawled out on the wooden floor with his back legs spread out to the sides and whimpered until one of us woke. No hurry, he said, and appeared to smile up at us…

My Novel on Display-

I’m pleased to announce my novel is on display at a local bookshop called Second Story Books in Laramie, Wyoming. Buried Truths A Daughter’s Tale will be read by the book club this summer. Many thanks to the owner for including me.

Circa 1973 (age thirteen) © Elsa Wolf

Lost All alone, standing in the meadow, in the wind, thinking of times past and times to come. As she stood there, she started to think of the surrounding nature. It seemed so free, not having to wonder about anything. But this was not true.